PIRATE RADIO is a 6 piece cover band officially unleashed on the Chicagoland area in February of 2011. They have been painstakingly preparing a set-list that is high energy full on and will have delirium setting in very early in the evening.

This dynamically exciting 6-piece masters the art of bringing a stage to life with their raw, unfiltered performance, bringing something exciting and new to the stage with a level of enthusiasm and performance unmatched by any other.

If you haven’t seen a PIRATE RADIO show, get on your feet…you don’t know what you’re missing… an explosively entertaining cover band!!

Band Members

☠ Moe Rivera – guitar and vocals
☠ Tony Falco – vocals
☠ John Rock – bass guitar
☠ Doug Schwabe – drums and vocals
☠ Justin Cramer – guitar
☠ Amy LaJeunesse – vocals


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